Bernat Daviu | 2015.12.03 / 2015.02.27

Còctel Show


Opening reception:  3rd of December at 7pm


Coctel Show is presented at Galeria Balaguer with a series of cocktail paintings and a functional bar.

The proliferation of cocktails at distinguished art events is taken a step further, becoming the theme of the exhibition. Visual references to avant-garde movements are present in the paintings, creating an imaginary space in which art is subjected to cocktails.

During the years that Bernat Daviu was working at Christie's, he noted down the drinks that were served at parties thrown for Modern and Post-war art auctions. Daviu got curious about the relationship between the elegance and pomposity of the place and the radical nature of many of the artworks.

After mulling over it, he decides that the complimentary cocktails that water these events had become protagonists in this conflict. Furthermore, he realises that the process of making cocktails and a painting bear resemblance; in the sense that both are about adding and removing elements (ingredients) until the perfect composition is achieved.

Daviu's proposition in Galeria Balaguer is part of an extensive project on which he has been working these last two years. He is currently developing it during a residency at Nau Estruch, Sabadell. One of the project's aims is to change the catering of local art institutions, dominated by the monotony of free beer and cheap wine.





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